Does My Boyfriend Like Me

If you are currently dating a guy you’re head over heels for, you’re bound to be wondering if your affections are returned. You’re probably wondering “How does my boyfriend feel about me? Does my boyfriend like me? How well does my boyfriend know me? Does my boyfriend want me?” and all the other questions that run through our heads when we’ve met someone who sets our hearts a- flutter.

These are good, healthy questions for the beginning of a relationship, and ones that your boyfriend is probably also asking about you! Indeed, it’s hard to imagine the start of a relationship where “Does my boyfriend really like me?” isn’t top of mind. The relationship is new, you don’t know each other all that well, and a little insecurity is natural as you open your heart to another human being.

Fast forward a little. You’ve been dating, getting to know one another, perhaps even getting quite intimate. And questions start running through your mind, like “Does my boyfriend respect me? Does my boyfriend want to be with me? Does my boyfriend appreciate me?” or even, “Does my boyfriend actually like me?” Whoa, wait a minute; there are some real warning signs to take heed of here.

Let’s separate natural beginning-of-relationship insecurity, like does my boyfriend really care, or, does my boyfriend really want to be with me, both of which could come from some communication issues and more easily resolved, from more troubling questions about trust, fidelity and respect, like does my boyfriend even like me, or does my boyfriend even care? If you are that unsure about his true feelings, it’s time to take a deeper look at the situation and where it is heading.

First, you need to ask him, directly, what’s up. Is he being honest with you? You wouldn’t be asking yourself does my boyfriend even want to be with me if you weren’t getting some indication that his intentions were not on the up and up. Does his eye seem to wander or does he avoid direct conversation about his feelings? Your question does my boyfriend only want me or does my boyfriend only like me may have some basis in his actions. Do you feel a little taken for granted? If so, you may well be wondering does my boyfriend care about me and you deserve to get a straight answer. Do you feel that his desires have waned since you took the next step towards intimacy? Then of course you’re asking does my boyfriend fancy me!

We could try to come up with a cute “Does my boyfriend really like me quiz” or a point to some magazine’s “Does my boyfriend appreciate me quiz” but no quiz that tries to answer the question does my boyfriend actually like me is going to answer the question better than a good hard look inside, and an honest conversation about your feelings and his.

If you’re still struggling to sort through conflicted emotions, instead of taking a does my boyfriend care about me quiz, try talking to a gifted psychic, who can see clearly past confusion and give you the insight and objectivity to figure out if you are getting the respect, appreciation and love you deserve.

Your turn! Do you find yourself wondering does my boyfriend really like me?

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