How to Impress Your Boyfriend’s Parents

The relationship between you and your boyfriend is going well and his mother is getting nosey as to who the young woman is that’s putting a smile on her baby’s face… It’s understandable that the thought of meeting his parents is quite scary and that the concern for saying the wrong thing is high up on the list of things you don’t wish to do. Ultimately the best way to prepare is relaxing and trying not to think about what may go wrong. Being in your own surroundings may help this, and inviting your boyfriend’s parents into your home is a great way of showing how important enthusiastic you are about making the best first impression. Creating a welcoming environment and being hospitable is also a great way of proving how you could potentially be a great wife!

Organizing Your Home

Having a spring clean is certainly the first step to creating space in which guests will feel comfortable. Tidying away any belongings and plumping up the sofa cushions will make for an inviting environment. A quick polish and vacuum is important as mothers especially have a keen eye for dust (well mine does anyway!).

Make sure the room in which you’ll be sitting smells nice and fresh by cracking open a few windows or lighting some candles before they arrive. Have a small table on hand and enough coasters to sit the coffees on that you haven’t nervously forgotten to offer as they sit down. Nibbles may be a cheesy idea, but once you’ve satisfied his mother with your cleanliness, his father, like most men I’m sure, will appreciate the food. You can always buy little ramekins for nibbles to really impress!

There’s no doubt you’ll be cooking, and mums being mums will probably want to have a nosey and try to help you out whilst you’re slaving over the hot stove! Make sure you have all clean appliances, no crumbs lurking on the floor or stove top! It’s always good to have the kettle filled and ready for when your future mother-in-law decides to enter the kitchen, you can always keep her occupied with a brew!

What to Talk About

It’s often hard to spark up a conversation with strangers, and the weather is often a very dull subject to resort to. Being polite and attentive is key. Not forgetting your “please” and “thank you”s, listening carefully to everything that may be said, and asking questions to show you’re interested (even if you may not be) will all help win over his parents. Your boyfriend is obviously something that you all have in common and should find easy to talk about. This could also prove the perfect opportunity to uncover new things about what he likes, dislikes and even hear a few embarrassing stories from his childhood, which I’m sure he will be more than happy to be reminded of (wink wink)! Talking about future plans is a great way of showing how committed you are to their son, and complimenting certain qualities he has is a little sneaky way of saying ‘you’ve brought him up well!

Remember that you won’t be the only one who’s nervous! Your boyfriend will be worrying about what everyone thinks of each other, and don’t forget his parents will also want to make a good impression for you! Be yourself, be happy, smile and we’re sure they will love you.

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