How to Look Good in Pictures

Let’s be quite clear – three days camping in a field, drinking nothing but beer and getting simultaneously drenched and burned by the British weather is draining. People who think that they’ve ‘roughed it’ before by going to a UK-based holiday park, or spending a week in a caravan in St Ives, are often appalled by the conditions at festivals. And rightly so. They are facing conditions that can leave your skin, hair and nails in terrible condition if you’re not careful.

However, let’s not forget that a festival is the perfect place to meet Mr. Right. Whether you’re waiting for a burger, brushing your teeth at a tap or dancing the night away, you could bump into him anytime. So, the following tips will ensure that you’re always looking cute and fresh at festivals!

Water is your best friend, so make sure that you always have plenty at hand for drinking and teeth-cleaning/face-splashing. You should be drinking quite a lot of water every day – if you’re running around in the sun and (gasp) drinking booze, try to manage at least 8 pints a day. A great trick is to use your pint glass as a measure of how much water you need after you’ve finished your beer. So, try to alternate – water, beer, water, beer. Plus, if you do meet someone special, you won’t slur your words. Magic!

Don’t scrimp on your cleansing routine. Clean your face with foaming wipes and water every morning and evening, and don’t forget toner, moisturiser and sun cream. Did we mention make up? This is not the time to let yourselves go, so repeat after me – foundation, mascara, waterproof eyeliner, tinted lip balm. This is all you will need.

Nails are always quite tricky, so make sure you don’t set off with hands that need constant grooming. Avoid false nails, or anything that will come off when you least expect it. File nails, apply hand cream, and a clear varnish. Don’t go for colours – you’ll chip your nails the minute you start putting your tent up, and then you’ll be left looking like an undignified harpie. If you must indulge in something colourful, book yourself in for a gel manicure before you leave, as they last for weeks.

If you’re hungover, the first thing you should do is drink as much cold water as you can without throwing up, then wash your face, and if possible, hair and body. Smelly is not sexy. Then, down two aspirin and set out to find some carbohydrates that will soak up the excess. Anything with an egg in it, or with ketchup, should suffice. Don’t forget to make sure that you’re made-up, and that even though you might feel like death, you don’t need to look it. There are plenty of water sprays on the market, such as Avene Thermal’s Spring Water Spray, that will help you stay cool. Avoid the temptation to numb the pain by indulging in a cheeky early-morning snifter. Not only will you probably be very, very ill, but you’re avoiding the real reason that you feel dreadful, which is, er, drinking booze.

So, there we have it – these are the best ways of making sure you’re always looking fabulous at a festival. Don’t forget, ladies – best foot forward, and first impressions always count! This post was written on behalf of Richardson’s.

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