How to Move In with Your Boyfriend

Living with the man you love should begin on a high note. In some instances, those high notes can sour over time. Ultimately, moving in together is the easier part. The hard part is living together 24/7. This is when you will both get to find out exactly who it is that you fell in love with. Sometimes the picture may not all that pretty (no Photoshopping real life), but cheer up! It is possible for your relationship with your boyfriend to remain a happy adventure that you both enjoy. The trick for both of you to remember is that you need to create a plan of action that really works.

Basics are Best

Moving in with your boyfriend is a major step in your life. Some people’s long-term relationships crash and burn shortly after the moving phase has ended. How can you help yours stay on the right track? Begin with a few basic ideas.

Do not take things for granted in your relationship.
Enjoy the company of your lover, and let them know you are happy.
If things are bumpy, slow it down and talk it out.
Continue to work on your partnership after you have moved in together, and commit to building a future together.
Do not lose your cool over small annoyances. These are just small road bumps in the grand scheme of life.
Money Can Drive You Mad
Money, money everywhere…and not a dollar to spend. Yes, this is a riff on a very famous literary quote, but it is also an important reminder of what can happen if your debts overpower your love. Find out how each of you feels about saving and spending money. What are your financial plans? Are you spendthrifts or tighter with your budget? It is difficult for two people to have a happy relationship if they both hold decidedly different views about what to do with money. To avoid this issue, take the following steps BEFORE moving in together.

Make a budget and stick to the terms you both have agreed to follow.
Discuss your financial obligations with each other.
Never try to hide debts from your partner.
Do not lie about money. This is one way to end any budding relationship.
It is perfectly okay to maintain separate credit cards.
List shared monthly expenses and decide who will be responsible for which bills. You can divide the expenses any way that makes sense to both of you. A 50-50 split is not the only option. Take into consideration what each person is bringing to the table.
Never take advantage of your partner’s good will, generosity or lack of knowledge about money.
Chores are the worst!
Chores around your new home also need to be divided in a fair manner. Who said women had to stay out of the garage and in the kitchen? If you want to mow the lawn or repair the deck and your man likes to cook and clean then go for it! Each couple needs to find the best way to divvy up those household tasks. If it works for you, who cares if you are doing things a little differently from your neighbors?
How to pick a new place?

Learn the art of compromise when choosing a new place to call home. If you are just moving into one of your existing pads, then this step is a bit easier, but the one staying put must be even more sensitive to the needs of the one who is relocating. If you are both moving into a new place, simply list the features and conveniences that are most important to each of you. Then try to find a location that includes the features that you are not willing to do without.Remember your budget when you are deciding on a new house or apartment. Do not go overboard.

Creating a new home for two

Once you’ve got a place picked out, the next step is to decide on the furnishings and overall decor of your new home. While most guys are happy to leave this to the girl, some men want more of a say in how their home is going to look. Once again, you need to remember that compromise is almost always the solution.
Making a list of your household belongings is a great way to begin a life that represents the two of you as a couple. Break it down by room. Remember that you need to pick your battles carefully, and you cannot veto everything your partner brings to the table. It also helps to remember that you can pack and store some of the possessions that you do not want to part with. Other things that have seen better days can be sold or donated to your local thrift store.
You may find that there is something missing even after combining both of your possessions. Celebrate this new stage in your relationship by browsing through some furniture listings. A new bed could be the perfect purchase. Of course it can be challenging to find the right bedroom furniture that you both can agree on. There is also the issue of going shopping, something that many men do not enjoy. Luckily, today you can get great furniture sent right to your door on websites like This helps avoid some of the frustration that many couples experience after they move in.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Plans made with a rational mind are the best plans of all. You need to consider the future when you are getting ready to move in together. As morbid as this sounds, you should have an exit strategy lined up just in case things do not work out. This strategy may never have to be used, but you will have a plan of action ready if you need one. By making sure that you have discussed every possibility before you make the big move, you will vastly increase your odds of being another romantic love story for the ages.

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